Kamelia Lines

Lefkimmi - Paxos - Lefkimmi

We connect Corfu with Paxos daily from the port of Lefkimmi. Trip duration is 45 minutes, with the ship DESPOINA P. & CRISTA

About Us

Kamelia Lines is a family owned business dedicated to provide an all year round passenger ferry service and light cargo for the people of Paxos and all its visitors.

The Captain and crew look forward to welcoming you on board and the C.E.O. Alex Papastelianos is also on board one of our ferries daily to help make the journey stress-free.

New for 2016 we have commissioned a luxurious addition to the fleet. Built for us in 2016 we welcome the “CHRISTA” fitted out with all the latest equipment and able to make the journey from Corfu to Paxos in 60 minutes.

The “DESPOINA P “built in 2013 for us has seen reliable service and continues to serve you.

We are proud to be the Ambulance Boat for Paxos and the official carriers of the Mail.

Kamelia Lines 49082 Gaios / Paxos

  • Tel.: +30 2662 0 32131
  • Fax: +30 2662 0 32136
  • Website: www.kamelialines.gr
  • CEO: James Murray